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Silicone Edge Graphics

Of all of the DVC products, this one is currently talk of the town. Especially around trade shows, retail, and events. Silicone Edge Graphics are beautifully printed dye-sublimation fabric banners with a thin silicone strip sewn around the perimeter.

An aluminum frame is fabricated to your liking and then the silicone strip on the fabric is inserted into a small groove on the face of the frame. The result? A frameless graphic display with perfect, taut and wall-like tension.

It can be a freestanding display, wall mounted display, or a display that can be hung from the ceiling. And the best part (there are many), these displays can be backlit. Add to that, they’re simple to setup and take down.  

At DVC, we stock 8 custom SEG extrusions in-house and can build your displays to order, backlit and frontlit. Looking for just the extrusions? No problem. We can cut and ship your order in the same day. After all, we do it all right here in house.

A simple solution yet versatile and impactful.  

Here are the benefits of silicone edge graphics.
perfect tension
Unlike other tension fabric displays, SEG has perfect tension throughout the graphic. Our fabric has been tested to ensure just the right amount of stretch without waves or sagging.
Easy Change Outs
Swapping out graphics is a breeze. You don't need to hire professional installers to change out the graphics. It can be done easily at the store level without tools. It doesn't get any easier than this.
Can be backlit
Wether you have a wall mounted, hanging or freestanding SEG display, all can be brought to life with LED lighting. We make UL certified SEG light boxes in-house so you save on costs.
Reduced Shipping Costs
Saving on shipping sounds great right? When you choose to add silicone edge graphics to your product mix, shipping costs will drop. Fabric is much lighter to ship than large rigid graphics.
Want Silicone Edge Graphics? We can help.
Our team of SEG experts would be happy to find out more.