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    Call us at 1400 389

Wall Coverings

At DVC, we print custom wall coverings all day long. But before we print, it is all about the pre-planning that makes us shine on all wall covering projects. Here's how we do it:
We always inspect the walls prior to producing graphics to ensure the final product is spot on - the first time around.
We want to make sure the size is accurate when you build the artwork. Our professional installers get you the exact measurements you need.
MATERIAL Recommendation
We discuss all the different material options to choose from and make sure the adhesion properties are just right for your wall covering project.
We meticulously color correct your artwork to ensure they look stunning, panel breaks are in the right location and we also double check resolution.

Wall Covering Installation

Our professional installers are experienced with all wall covering materials and in all environments - office spaces, retail stores, hotels, restaurants and even outdoor surfaces. We do it all across the USA.

Wall coverings are a simple solution to transform a boring space into an impactful branded environment.
Looking to transform your space? We can help.
Our team of wall covering experts would be happy to find out more.