Premedia and Retouching Services in Los Angeles
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    Call us at 1400 389

Premedia & Retouching Services

Do you need expert-level premedia, retouching & post-production services? DVC's technicians and digital artists have experience in all areas of image creation and premedia production including entertainment, sports, food, automotive, apparel, action sports, fashion, cosmetics, electronics, technology, pharmaceutical, and cosmeceutical. All of this for upscale fortune 500 clientele.

DVC has a collaborative/consultative approach to producing all of our projects. We have the knowledge & expertise to guide and advise on a project by project basis.

Due to our vast manufacturing knowledge, we are comfortable with large file sizes, complex projects and we are open to input and direction from clients. You ask us to do something we will, and we will let you know if we feel it’s not a good idea or if we feel there’s a better, faster or more advanced technique of getting desired (or better than desired) results.


Digital, sheet-fed, web, newsprint, coated, uncoated, ink-jet, dye-sub, screen, flexo, gravure, offset, broadcast, online, etc., etc., d.Max, ucr, gcr, long-range black, 4/c black, it's all about expert-level file preparation that gets predictable and consistent results no matter where the file may end up. Don’t chance it, ensure it with DVC Premedia.


Our digital team understands color space and gamut limitations. We have the secret sauce to make CMYK look as close to RGB as possible. Converting RGB or Lab, color space to CMYK is more than just a click of a button, it’s converted, manipulated and controlled with our color management & color measuring devices and viewed in precise color viewing stations.


This is when your vision comes to life. Hand us over your assets and wildest dreams and our digital artists make magic happen. The DVC Retouching team is a skilled team of photo composite and finishers with years of experience in almost every industry. We love working with demanding creatives at any level.


Swatch matching, 360 spin, model year updates, fixing photo shoot imperfections and creating detail where there is none, simply put, this is DVC retouching & post production. We are very comfortable handling large, multi-layered, complicated files from CGI or photographers. We collaborate extremely well and offer our expertise in a moment’s notice.
Need help making that perfect image?
Our team of premedia and retouching experts would be happy to find out more.