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Custom Retail Window Display for Sugarfina

Sugarfina, the candy store for grown-ups reached out to DVC for a permanent window display at their Century City location.

Their 3D design was amazing - showing popular landmarks of the city the store is in. But this also came with some challenges. We put our heads together and designed a solution that worked.


The challenge was space. The window at this location was very tight. Only 17 3/4" deep. Getting in and out with a display that spanned 158" wide would be tough.

Our Solution

The solution was how we paneled and pieced together the 3 layers of the display. We had to build it in a way that could fit through the door and into the window space. And of course, hide any seams that were needed.
sugarfina window


Hanging clouds and a dimensional sun, wall and window decals, an acrylic Ferris wheel with candy cube boxes attached and 3 layers of Los Angeles landmarks all came together for one sweet window.
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