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Squid Transparent Textile for Windows

There's a new window textile at DVC and it's called Squid. It's a window covering that brings new life into spaces instead of using traditional window films like frost and clear. And it's PVC-free.
See-through from the inside, but restricted view from the outside during the day
Take Squid even further by printing artwork on it and personalizing your interior
Look & Feel
Squid adds a warm, natural and tactile vibe to your interior design

Choose From 6 Different Colors

Technical Specs
  • 100% polyester woven textile
  • Flame retardant
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Humidity resistant
  • PVC-free
  • Trims easily for special window shapes
  • Easy dry-installation method

The Beauty of Squid

  • Open privacy with a minimalistic textile look.
  • Squid connects you with the other part of the space behind the window.
  • Blends in with other textile elements such as carpets, curtains, furniture.
  • AC cost drops as Squid reflects 36% of the sun’s energy.
  • Visual comfort improves when Squid is used to reduce glare.
  • It can be digitally printed or cut out.
  • An easy and affordable way to upgrade your space. 

Squid for Retail and Hospitality

Squid for the Home

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