3 Ways to Use Instagram Stories to Get More Exposure
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3 Ways to Use Instagram Stories to Get More Exposure Out of Your Trade Show Booth


Instagram Stories are the fun thing to do on social media these days.

Taking its lead from the addictive and immensely popular Snapchat app, Instagram launched its own version of disappearing content. Instagram Stories allow users to post short videos and photos that vanish from the site in just a day — and the feature has become an instant favorite among users.

It provides you with an opportunity to engage with your audience through “in the moment” storytelling. And with approximately 500 million users checking out these Stories each day, you will want to join in on the fun to promote your brand.

1. Give Your Followers a Behind the Scenes Look at Your Trade Show Booth Setup

As you set up your trade show booth, create an Instagram Story that shows the process. Viewers will love the behind the scenes footage that they may not see while at the show and this will generate buzz for your brand. Don’t forget to use the Instagram Stories editing tools to make your storytelling experience more captivating.

2. Offer a Glimpse Into Your Live Booth Experience

During the show itself, capture photos and videos that allow people who can’t be there to feel as if they are in attendance. Videos, in particular, are more engaging and inviting to users. Don’t forget to use your hashtag so that attendees and prospective customers can easily find out more about what is happening at the show.

3.Create Stories About Your Customers at the Show

You can’t go wrong with a video testimonial. And Instagram Stories make that easy. Get personal by making an Instagram Story series about customers who are at your booth. As you take videos of your customers, make sure that your branding is strategically placed within the background.

The more Instagram Stories you create, the better chance you have at staying at the top of your followers’ minds.

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