Custom Built Backlit Cubes for Acura Sales Events
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Backlit Cubes for Acura Sales Events

Lightweight, backlit, self-contained power and remote control capability.

Those were the requirements put in front of us for these 4’ x 4’ cubes that Acura took across the USA for sales events.

Oh, and one side needed to be projected onto.

Using a custom SEG (silicone edge graphics) extrusion, the DVC design and fabrication team mapped out a solution that met these requirements.

A custom LED light solution was built into these displays and wired up to be controlled by a remote. And all power was contained inside the display so no cords running to an outlet were needed. One side of the cube used a specific fabric for projection.

A prototype was produced and after a few minor tweaks approval for full production was given for 12 units.

When SEG extrusions and fabric graphics are used to build displays, you can count on a couple good things: ease of graphic insertion and change out, a lightweight display and reduced shipping costs.

Our Solution:
• Structural Design & Engineering
• Fabrication
• Print
• Install

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