Heptagonal Chandelier Trade Show Display for Exhibitree
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Hanging Trade Show Display for Exhibitree


Exhibitree reached out to us to produce a fabric chandelier for their clients booth at ComiCon.

The chandelier needed to have seven branding opportunities and the graphics would need to be backlit as a real chandelier would be placed right above it acting as a light source for the graphics.

The Challenge

The challenge was to build a hanging structure as close as possible to the client’s vision. This was a very irregular shape for silicone edge graphics (SEG).

All seven sections would need to come to one point and look clean at that point.

The Solution

With our deep experience with metal fabrication and fabric graphics, we got right to the drawing board.

The ideal SEG profile was selected and a CAD drawing was created. The cutting, welding, assembly and powder coating then began.

A graphic template was turned over to the client for the art and ink was put on backlit fabric.

An endcap was placed at the tip to finish off the structure.

The Results

No fabric sagging, wrinkling, waving, but perfect tension in each section of the chandelier.

The display shipped in one piece and was ready to hang.

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