Crafting the Perfect Trade Show Booth Design for Formula-E
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    Call us at 1400 389

Trade Show Booth Design for Formula-E

When it comes to designing a trade show booth from aluminum extrusions and fabric graphics, you are speaking our language.

And when we were told Formula-E needed this booth in New York in just two weeks, the DVC engines started.

We got right to work with booth design concepts, CAD drawings, fabric printing, fabrication of the booth walls and hanging sign.

We also integrated 6 LCD monitors and 3 iPad displays that attached to the booth walls.

But was this booth a success? We believe so. Why? We reacted quickly, were within budget and shipped this booth to New York just in time for show setup.

Our Solution:
• Booth Design Concepts
• Booth Hardware Engineering
• Fabrication
• Print
• Shipping

Have a trade show booth project coming up? Let us know, we are happy to help.