6 Ways Shipping Containers are Taking Over the World | DVC
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6 Ways Shipping Containers are Taking Over the World | DVC


Shipping containers are popping up everywhere these days – with good reasons too.

They offer versatile and turnkey solutions for a wide range of uses. Just ask our friends at IPME.

Brands and people are transforming shipping containers into everything from pop-up shops and brand activations to office and living spaces.

But why?

Why are so many big brands like Kohler, Jeep, Puma and more turning to shipping containers to meet their marketing needs?

They are portable, customizable and reusable.

Let’s look at 6 ways shipping containers are taking over the world.

Trade Show Booths

Attracting attendees to your trade show booth is the big challenge at the show. And integrating a shipping container into your booth design can help get attention and create curiosity.

The compact design also makes the entire booth easily transportable to move from one trade show to the next with little time needed in the way of setting up and taking down.


Shipping containers make excellent staging grounds for experiential marketing campaigns.

These “brand in a box” containers offer a turnkey event solution that includes all your event signage and goods. And once the event ends, the shipping container can be closed up and transported to the next event.

Retail Pop-Up Shops

Pop-up shops for retail businesses are all the rage these days. And being able to test different markets or bring your brand right to your target audience is key.

Shipping containers keep your store signage and inventory stored and protected during transit and provide a venue for displaying products when the shop is open for business.


Cubicles are out and shipping containers are in. Workers can control their own climate, their own décor, and have the privacy that is often not available in the more open office environments.


While not as easily portable as food trucks, using shipping containers for restaurants provide a unique experience for coffee shops, microbreweries, cafes, and more.

They can be purchased or rented as needed makeing them less expensive than opening a traditional restaurant space.

Living Spaces

More and more people are joining the “tiny house” revolution and shipping containers are perfect choices for transforming into the small home of your dreams. They are also affordable temporary housing solutions.

At DVC, we design, print and install all graphics needed to bring your shipping container to life.

Please contact us to help with your shipping container project.


  • I really like how you say that a shipping container makes a good "tiny house." That's something that my husband and I actually wanted to try. We think that it would really bring us together to live in a small space. We'll have to find a shipping container we could buy and transform into a little house for us.
  • Thank you for the information about ways that shipping containers are taking over the world. I had no idea the uses some people were finding for shipping containers. I love the office idea and living space idea. I think it would be awesome to build an outdoor office in the backyard or something out of a shipping container. Thank you again for the information.
  • I like that you talked about how you can consider using a shipping container in the tradeshow event that you will attend to because of how it can get attention and create curiosity about your brand. My sister is interested to join a trade show event where she can showcase the products that she's looking to sell. It's important for her to ensure that her booth will get the attention of the potential buyers to ensure more sales. I will make sure to share your blog with my sister so she can consider all your tips.
  • Great article. This is incredible for us to see having been in the shipping container industry for so long. This rise in shipping container use means my business may be opening up to a whole new market of customers very soon. We're excited.

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