DVC Wins Big at The Annual 20-21 PIASC Awards Night
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DVC Wins Big at The Annual 20-21 PIASC Awards Night

The DVC team is proud of the hard work and dedication that has been put into making this year’s PIASC awards night a success.

DVC won big at the Annual 20-21 Printing Industry Association of Southern California Awards Night, taking home nine awards, including large format printing and litho printing services. The company was recognized for its ongoing commitment to excellence and innovative design work, leading us to produce some of the industry’s best-looking offset litho and large format printing projects.

The most prestigious award DVC received was the ‘Judges Choice Award’ with its great design with even better structural design. This piece is beautifully crafted and executed with an enormous amount of detail while maintaining an elegant look. This is one of many examples of how DVC is committed to producing quality products that reflect our clients’ brands while staying on top of trends in both large format and litho printing.

The awards are in various categories, including BEST USE of PAPER, Judges Choice Award, and 7 Best of Category. All these awards highlight how well D’Andrea Visual Communications has spearheaded the printing industry while dealing with the challenges of a global pandemic. This blog will provide an overview of what each award means and why it was awarded to D’Andrea Visual Communications.

Let’s kick the showoff with our biggest winner. We had the opportunity to share our printing expertise and execute an offset litho piece for our client FX. A media kit called “What We Do In The Shadows” and for a good reason winning five awards total four best of category including Media Kits, Specialty Inks or Coating, Fragrances, or Invincible Inks, High Fidelity Printing, Other Special Finishing Techniques and a special award of BEST USE Of PAPER. The judges’ comments were, “substrate is a metallic paper to create a full-color spectrum. We get flocking on the paper for a textured touch. The paper wrapped on the box, cartoon, and cover is what makes this piece successful.

What We Do In The Shadows Media Kit

Another great collaboration with FX on their Emmy Books was awarded a special award briefly mentioned above, the “Judges Choice Award.” This one feels unique to us due to the projects we were competing with. The judges’ comments on this litho piece were, “this project has a great design with even better structural design. Lots of hand finishing, cold foil on the spine, the top of this piece has a die-cut plex FX logo, and each of the book’s registers to create the letters FX. Outside of the box is a hinge scored with magnetic closures and silver foil stamping to make the words Fearless pop out.”

FX Emmys Books

Best of category in Point-of-Purchase, materials small was awarded to a collaboration with OGA’s Cantina as we created a menu unlike any other. Judges’ comments were a great use of paper and inks. Creative, simple, and indeed a unique piece.

The best category in Binding went to litho piece collaboration with Disney’s “A Christmas Carol.” This project required attention to detail throughout the production process and finding the perfect button to complete this beautiful piece’s overall look and feel.

All the previously mentioned awards have been offset litho pieces, but that’s not all we are known for. It’s no secret that DVC is a premium partner for event managers, exhibit houses, retail brands, and restaurants due to our extensive list of capabilities and experience. DVC was awarded Best of category in Large Format Printing for the project we help Sequence Events execute. A custom printed building wrap and custom window graphics that demanded attention and generated excitement for the event’s attendees.

Large Format Printing in Los Angeles

This year we were honored with nine awards at the Annual 20-21 PIASC Awards Night – a testament to our dedication and continual pursuit of quality. The company is proud of these accomplishments and if you’re considering ordering any printing products or looking into upgrading your environment with new graphics, get in touch with us today! We would be happy to provide you an estimate on cost for whatever it is that you need. Get inspired by all that we have accomplished this past year; contact us now to help take your business to another level.

DVC is minority-owned and sustainably conscious. And we have put processes in place to offset the carbon footprint we leave behind by planting the exact number of trees to replace the paper used for each project. Feel free to follow us on your preferred social media platform, where you can find daily updates of our recent projects, new products, services, and capabilities. Do forget to join our newsletter community. In our newsletter is where we share behind-the-scenes looks, industry trends, and DVC updates.

We appreciate your taking the time to read this blog, and if we can ever be of help, please reach out. Have a beautiful day, talk soon.

If you would like to check out the Awards Ceremony for yourself, we have linked the YouTube Video below.

2020-2021 Print Excellence Awards Celebration



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