How We Ensure a Perfect Fit for New Silicone Edge Graphics
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How We Ensure a Perfect Fit for New Silicone Edge Graphics


When it comes to printing fabric and putting it in a frame, you’ve come to the right place. It is our expertise.

But you may be thinking, do I really need to send the whole frame back to ensure a perfect fit for new graphics? Good news, you don’t! As long as it is a simple shape like a square or rectangle.

At DVC, we have a test fit frame system that is used every single time we print a fabric that will be placed in a SEG frame. We just ask you to take accurate measurements of your frame and we provide detailed instructions on how to do that.

Even better, if we originally built the SEG frame, then you are all good. We already have those measurements of the frame and all you have to do is send in the new artwork.



Printing new silicone edge graphics for existing frames can become a problem if they are not properly test fitted every time a new graphic is produced. It is very important that your vendor takes this extra step which can ultimately save time and money.

Because after all, isn’t it best to have things go right the first time around?

We’d be happy to help with your fabric graphics, please get in touch!


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