Meet Terralon - A Line of Sustainable Wallcoverings
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Meet Terralon – A Line of Sustainable Wallcoverings


Doesn’t it feel good seeing a big, boring wall get covered up with a custom printed wallcovering? It’s an easy way to create a happy new environment.

But happiness doesn’t need to stop there!

When you are able to tell others that the wallcovering helped plastic water bottles from ending up in a landfill or even the ocean, people will be even happier! And who doesn’t want to be happy?

Meet Terralon, a digitally printable wallcovering.

Terralon is a commercial grade Type 11 wallcoverings from DreamScape that is made from 31% post-consumer recycled polyester from plastic water bottles.

Today, Terralon is a leading choice among designers, architects, and brand managers and is being used on walls all throughout the world.

Terralon comes in 3 options: Terralon OriginalTerralon Smooth, and Terralon Regatta. Each of these options carries the same construction, performance and sustainability characteristics.

Terralon Original


Terralon Smooth


Terralon Regatta


What are the benefits of Terralon?

  • PVC free alternative that can meet commercial durability standards
  • Lighter than Type II vinyl wallcoverings
  • Free of VOC’s
  • Passes stringent indoor air quality tests
  • Breathable porous surface
  • Mildew resistant
  • Contributes to LEED credits

When printed on our water-based HP Latex Printer, Terralon will produce a more natural look than other inkjet printed vinyl wallcoverings and the Terralon wallcovering will be odorless. You can trust us, we are a certified print provider for DreamScape wallcoverings.

When it comes to sustainable wallcoverings, DreamScape’s Terralon is the right choice and has a strong earth-friendly story.

Are you looking for a sustainable solution for your next wallcovering project?


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