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What You Need to Know About Influencer Kits


Influencer marketing has been around for some time now and will continue to grow as more and more people gravitate towards social media to view content.

Influencer marketing at times can be a more effective strategy due to the fact influencers are generally more receptive to collaboration. They want new ways to keep their audience engaged and grow their following.

When your kit shows up at an influencer’s doorstep, the marketing kicks in. If they don’t know much about your product, here’s your chance to make a bold statement. 


What Are Influencer Kits?

Influencer kits, also known as a seeding kit, are the physical packages that are shipped to influencers who have a strong social media following. Inside the kit are branded products for the influencer to share on their social media channels.

Typically the influencer will video the unboxing so the kit will be seen by thousands of the influencer’s followers. Brands need to pull out all the creative stops when it comes time to designing the kit to ensure the kit is just as special as the product.


Why Influencers Love Influencer Kits

Influencers thrive on creating engaging content for their audience.

A well-designed influencer kit is the perfect vehicle to allow them to receive your product in a customized and specialized way that creates excitement and builds buzz for your brand. Plus, who wouldn’t want an amazing package to show up at their door with free product?

What Influencers Love

Influencers, for the most part, love aesthetics. That’s why making sure your influencer kit is aesthetically pleasing is critical. If your branding doesn’t fit with their vibe, they may not share your products to their following.

Influencer kits should be customized to each Influencer and not cookie-cutter mailing kits that are boring.

Influencer kits can be a key part of your marketing mix to build relationships and grow your brand. And when done correctly, both brands and influencers will see great success!


Types of Influencer Boxes

Free Product Previews

Have you been working on a new product you plan to release soon? Launching a new product is an excellent opportunity to implement an influencer box strategy. You can create a themed box where the new product is the main attraction by pairing it with other products you already sell.

Be sure to include a letter informing them when and where they can buy your new product and how to find it if it isn’t yet on the market when you send out your influencer boxes.

Personalized Influencer Boxes

Consider personalizing the products you send to each influencer.

Personalizing gifts based on what you’ve learned about each influencer fosters a more meaningful connection. This will make their reviews of your products connect more to their audience.

It’s also easy for influencers to tell if you’ve sent out a mass email offering the same freebie to a large number of people because many of them will talk about it. Therefore, when making and selling customized products for influencers, consider the influencer’s personal brand, niche, and interests.

Seasonal Influencer Boxes

If you’re interested in influencer gift box marketing but don’t have a new product launching soon, you may still take advantage of the forthcoming holidays to shape your marketing campaign. Pick the best time of year or upcoming holiday to theme your box around. Delivery can be timed to coincide with an influencer’s birthday, the start of their favorite season, or a traditional holiday for which they will have already generated content.

Benefits of Influencer Boxes

The number of companies partnering with social media stars who promote their products keeps on growing.

In contrast to “word of mouth,” which relies on unpaid endorsements from satisfied customers, “influencer marketing” is paying individuals to spread positive opinions about a product or service.

Like the most effective kind of advertising, social influence grows and spreads through personal recommendations. 

The following are some of the advantages of sending out an influencer box:

Boost in Brand Awareness

You can reach a sizable percentage of the influencer’s audience by sending them a gift box. Your brand’s exposure will skyrocket if you begin cultivating an influencer who has a massive following.

As a result, the influencer’s audience is more likely to learn about your company and its offerings. Furthermore, working with an influencer who can reach your demographic will establish your brand as a leader in your industry.

Access to Established Rapport and Trust

Because of an influencer’s established authority in their sector, their followers are more likely to take their advice regarding purchasing decisions.

It’s reassuring to know that the influencer you’ve chosen to work with has taken the necessary steps to maintain a good reputation among their followers. As a result, consumers are more likely to take your brand’s suggestions seriously if they come from an influencer they already respect and appreciate.

Access to a Variety of Influencers

When it comes to partnership agreements and influencer gifts, nano and micro-influencers tend to be the easiest to reach and please. Smaller influencers typically have a smaller following and aren’t particularly selective. As they grow their following and build their brand, they want to secure as many endorsement deals as possible. Since most of their jobs are based on commission, they are excited whenever they can score any free merchandise.


With the help of influencer marketing, established companies and up-and-coming ones may reach a wider audience and grow faster than they might with more conventional forms of advertising. Sending a product to an influencer is cheaper than traditional marketing and PR techniques and might generate a lot of buzz for your brand. 

Generates Additional Marketing Content

Due to the pressing need to increase sales through influencer campaigns, many companies fail to take advantage of the secondary benefits influencers offer.

If you give free things to influencers, they may be willing to create product images and videos as part of the arrangement.

Have you ever considered working with a seasoned photo and video team for a product launch? You undoubtedly found out how much of a financial commitment this entails. 

Influencers can help tremendously if you provide them with complimentary samples to review. They have access to media production tools and expertise that would benefit your brand.

Provide them with free merchandise in exchange for editorial coverage and product reviews. Photographs of influential people using the product, unique photo montages, and expertly produced video testimonials are all examples of some of these secondary benefits.

Is this influencer going on a trip to some exciting, remote place? Send them your things to try out before they leave, and you might wind up with some amazing photos of your products in their new vlog.

Just think of all the media coverage your brand can receive if you collaborate with popular influencers for this purpose.

Naturally, you can reuse these media assets across your company’s many channels, including your social media, advertising, and website, as described with the constraints of the contract you set up.

How to Create Influencer Packages

Influencer media kits are crucial for any business looking to expand its brand awareness. They are a marketing instrument you can use to get in touch with clients, exhibit your work, and propose a partnership with a company.

Your influencer box must contain the following elements to separate your business from the competition:

Consider the Influencer’s Branding Alignment

It’s important to do your due diligence on an influencer before negotiating a contract with them to promote your brand. It is your responsibility to guarantee that their content’s voice is consistent with your company’s identity.

Packaging and Presentation

Our top priority while designing a custom influencer package is ensuring that all your products are intact.

The layout is the next thing to consider. Improve the aesthetics of your packaging. Adjust it so that it complements your brand. Think bright colors, creative patterns, and maybe even sparkles or glitter if the intended audience is children. If you want to attract millennials, you’ll have to update your marketing strategy to focus on creating something that stands out from the crowd without losing any of its sophistication.

Create the ideal influencer box that will shine in an unpacking video with the help of D’Andrea Visual Communications.

Personalize Influencer Boxes

A suggestion for creating memorable, unique encounters; send custom influencer boxes. Consider these points:

  • Ask influencers about their preferred tint or size if you offer cosmetics or clothing.
  • Do not forget to provide a handwritten note of thanks for working together and a personalized card reflecting your chats and the content you admired.
  • Give them quick facts they can keep in their pockets, such as your company’s background, contact information, and social media handles.

Product Placement

If a product or influencer kit packaging is dull or poorly labeled, no amount of attention-grabbing content produced by an influencer will save it. The footage of the unboxing will be drab and boring. Have pride in the aesthetic quality of your goods.

Unpacking should be the first step of an exciting adventure rather than a source of frustration.

Ensure that the outreach package is easy to access, neatly arranged, and contains material that delivers as promised. The general rule is that the reviewer should wait until after the influencer present has been unboxed before opening the ‘hero product.

Finally, don’t forget to say “thank you.” Sending a handwritten note of gratitude to the buyer might go a long way. It’s a great way to make clients feel appreciated and that they’ve contributed to your success. This kind of attention to detail often leads to repeat business.

Your viewers will be thrilled to see this on an unboxing video, as it will reinforce their impression that your brand values its customers’ happiness. 

Use Technology

You might reach more influencers by combining your packaging with a digital experience. There are several ways to make opening a gift box memorable and special.

One way is to use QR codes on your packaging to send customers to a personalized landing page, how-to guide, or anything else that could help your product!

Genuine and Sincere Comments

Product reviews, as a general rule, should be as objective and free of as much bias as possible.

Because of this, many channels that review products refuse to take advertising. They seek trustworthy ways to give their opinion to audiences.

However, viewers are fine with the fact that most unboxing content is sponsored.

The creator still needs to give an honest assessment. The legitimacy of a product is the most important factor for consumers.

For this reason, consumers put more stock in the endorsements of influential people than they would in a typical brand advertisement.

Influencer marketing shatters when trust is broken.

Why D’Andrea?

Are you looking to increase exposure for your latest offerings and brand name? Influencer marketing may be the way to go. However, the effectiveness of your influencer marketing efforts depends on the quality of the social media influencer kit you provide.

When you’re ready to deliver a product sample to potential influencers, you want to make sure it arrives safely and is designed impeccably. Contact us and allow our designers and structural engineers to assist you in ensuring your custom-printed influencer boxes are the perfect size and shape for your giveaways.

Made-to-order services begin with design and end with packaging. We consistently produce high-quality results by concentrating on what we do best, providing only the best products and services.

Let’s kick off your influencer marketing campaign the right way! Contact us.