Meet Falconboard, An Alternative to PVC Foam Board
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Meet Falconboard, An Alternative to PVC Foam Board


Are you tired of printing graphics on traditional foam boards that are not recyclable? You know, the kind that get tossed in a landfill and don’t break down to well.

Meet Falconboard. Falconboard is a fully recyclable rigid board which offers excellent print performance compared to PVC foam boards.

Here are the benefits of Falconboard:

  • Made from renewable forest resources and is recyclable.
  • Excellent print quality.
  • Superb rigidity, flat and dimensionally stable.
  • Lightweight.
  • 100% paper-based.
  • Direct printable.

Falconboard can be used for interior store signage, pop displays, trade show graphics and many more large format printing applications.

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