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How to Turn Any Space Into A Giant Billboard


Are you looking for creative locations to get eyeballs on your brand in a larger than life way, but unsure how?

Are traditional billboards not your choice when it comes to outdoor advertising? If so, then an aluminum banner frame system is the solution for converting almost any surface into a giant billboard.

The 2-piece design of the frame forms a self-tensioning clamp which clamps down to hold the vinyl securely in place and then stretches the vinyl for a smooth and wrinkle-free graphic display.

And when it comes time for new creative, changing out the graphics is simple.

Just think of the possibilities where your brand can go with this frame: sides of trucks, sports stadiums, parking garages, building walls, etc.

Here are a few benefits of the frame:

  • Self-tensioning frame, no sagging or wrinkles
  • The frame can conform to curved walls
  • No hems, beading or grommets needed on your vinyl banner
  • Graphics can be seamless
  • Only a screw gun is needed for installation
  • The frame can be powder coated any color
  • Much quicker install and removal compared to adhesive vinyl



Looking to get more eyeballs on your brand? Contact us to learn more about a banner frame system for outdoor advertising.



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