What's the Difference Between SEG and Pillowcase Frame Displays
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The Difference Between SEG and Pillowcase Fabric Frames.


Maybe you are new to the world of buying graphic displays and your boss tells you she needs an event backdrop for an upcoming conference she is speaking at or perhaps for a trade show she is exhibiting at.

So you scour the web and come to find there are several different options and you are not quite sure what the best solution is.

You may even find that a vinyl banner could be an option, but let’s be honest, vinyl looks cheap. And looking cheap makes your brand look cheap.

Nowadays brands prefer the modern look of fabric graphics for their event backdrops or trade show booths.

But why fabric?

Fabric is ideal for your display because it is lighter to ship and handle, you can get more creative with the shape of your display, and it has much more visual appeal than vinyl. And two very common types of fabric frames are SEG and Pillowcase.

So what’s the difference between SEG and Pillowcase displays?

Below we break down the features of each and how they are different from one another.

The Basics


SEG fabric frames, which stands for silicone edge graphic, is a printed fabric graphic that gets a thin silicone strip (gasket) sewn around the perimeter of the fabric. The fabric then inserts into a channel of an aluminum frame by pushing the silicone strip into the channel of the frame.



A pillowcase fabric frame is a printed fabric graphic that gets sewn with a zipper and slips over a tubular aluminum frame – just like a pillowcase slips over a pillow.


Shape of Frame


Most SEG frames are rectangular or square. The frame can be bent but far less than Pillowcase frames. Most instances of bent SEG frames is a simple curve like a circle.


Pillowcase frames can be bent into more creative shapes like an “S”, or they can be circular or curved.

Visibility of Frame


With SEG, the frame is exposed slightly. It has a virtually frameless look when viewing the frame straight on. The frame has a clean, squared-off modern look and can be powder coated in any color. These frames come in different thicknesses.

If the SEG frame is freestanding, you will only see the baseplates that help hold up the frame. These baseplates are powder coated black, however, you can request a specific color.


A Pillowcase frame is not visible when hung. The graphic slips over the frame covering it. And just like the SEG frame, if the pillowcase is freestanding, you will only see the baseplates that help hold up the frame. These baseplates are powder coated black, however, you can request a specific color.

Future Graphic Changeouts


One of the beauties of SEG is that the graphics can change out easily. And to ensure new graphics fit your exisiting frame, we have an adjustable fit frame for SEG fabric graphics. This means you do not need to send us your SEG frame back. We keep your measurements on file too.


With a Pillowcase display, we need your frame to be shipped back to our facility to make sure the new graphic fits properly. And if graphic changeouts are frequent, we can always keep an extra frame here which saves you from shipping your frame back to us.

Turn Time


SEG frames and printed fabrics are quicker for us to make.


Pillowcase frames and printed fabrics take a bit longer.


No matter which frame type you go with, one thing is for sure, your display will have perfect tension throughout the display unlike other tension fabric systems out there.

And when your graphics are printed on the world’s most amazing fabric printer, the results are stunning.

Need help with your next display project? We are happy to help.


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