8 Reasons Why Tension Fabric is Ideal for Event Backdrops
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8 Reasons Why Tension Fabric is Ideal for Event Backdrops


I don’t know how many times we have seen horrible event backdrops.

You know, the backdrops that have folds and wrinkles in them, or the kind that are printed too big or the wrong size hardware is used and all the excess printed material just spills out onto the ground. Or the kind that uses zip ties. We could go on, but you probably get the idea.

This to us is bad design. And with bad design, you lose trust.

So when it comes to making an impact at events and earning the trust of your attendees, your visuals need to be on point!

Here are 8 reasons why tension fabric is ideal for event backdrops:

1. Frameless wall-like appearance

The 2 most common tension fabric styles are SEG (silicone edge graphic) and pillowcase. Silicone edge graphics have a virtually frameless look, or if you choose a “pillowcase” frame style, the frame will not even be seen.

Not sure the difference between silicone edge graphics frames and pillowcase frames? Have a look right here.

2. “Tight as a drum” fit

With a dye-sublimated printed fabric graphic and an aluminum constructed frame, you will get a backdrop with perfect tension throughout the display. It will have a wall like appearance. This means no sagging or waves in the fabric.

3. No seams

Have an endless step and repeat or stage backdrop that spans say for 50′ or more? When printed on fabric, your graphic can be in one piece without seams.

4. Graphics go all the way down to the floor

Unlike other display hardware, when fabric is used with our tension fabric frames, we can get the graphic all the way down to the ground. This makes for better design.


5. No glare with the fabric

When fabric is used, you get no glare. Vinyl backdrops have more of a sheen and can create glare which makes for bad photography.

6. Lightweight

Compared to rigid board graphics, fabric is lightweight and can be rolled or folded for easy shipping.

7. Backlit option

All our event backdrops have the option to be backlit. Backlit fabric takes your branding to the next level and is sure to help make an impact.

8. Eco-fabric

Feel better about your event and the environment when using a fabric made from plastic water bottles!

The Ideal Event Backdrop

So you may be thinking, what does the ideal event backdrop look like?

Click through these photos and see what we believe to be a perfectly executed event backdrop.

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With large tension fabric event backdrops, you can turn your event into a more immersive experience and get more eyeballs on your brand. And when produced with fabric and the right frame, you will get a very professional and beautiful looking product.

Learn more about our event backdrops here.


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