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Temporary Emergency Structures for COVID-19


In this time of need, we have turned our fabrication efforts into designing and building temporary emergency structures.

We can produce these in our Los Angeles or Las Vegas facility and ship nationwide.

  • Completely tool-free construction
  • Lightweight and constructed in minutes
  • Portable
  • Can be used for indoors or outdoors
  • Lockable doors and cabinetry options
  • They can be made to any size and configuration
  • Accepts panels of a variety of finishes
  • Frames and hardware can be cleaned and reused for continued use
  • Stackable for hassle-free storage
  • Local installation available
  • Available for purchase or rental

These structures can be made for testing cubicles, medical examination/emergency rooms, staff lounge or offices, dispatch centers, drive-up facilities, etc.

Modular Care Room

Easy to build and highly customizable, these frames set-up in minutes without tools, and can be clad in a variety of finishes which can be easily removed, sanitized, cleaned or discarded.

The frames can be set-up in multiple configuration options and cleaned, allowing for flexibility in design, and continued use.

Structure size shown: 10’ x 10’

Reception Seating Frames

The frames can be used as a divider for seating areas ensuring guests and patients observe social distancing.


Along with the structures, we can print any signage you need that can either be part of the structure or a separate, standalone signage piece.


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